Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 now available on PC, Mac and Linux.

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Charles Cecil


Charles Cecil MBE ‘Industry Legend’ has over 30 years experience in games. In 1990 he founded Revolution, today one of the world’s leading adventure game companies. Charles, is a BAFTA Cymru award winner for BBC’s Doctor Who games, and was nominated for a Writers’ Guild award for Broken Sword - The Angel of Death. He Executive Produced Sony’s The Da Vinci Code game, and Robert Zemeckis’ Christmas Carol. Charles sits on the BFI and Screen Yorkshire Boards, is a visiting lecturer at York University and NFTS.

Charles has a particular interest in the narrative and aesthetic aspects of Interactive Entertainment and how this medium will develop with advancing technology. Charles regularly talks at national and international conferences and to mainstream press about creative and commercial aspects of the video games industry.

Charles, awarded the status of ‘Industry Legend’ by Develop (Europe’s leading development magazine), is on the Board of Governors of the British Film Institute (BFI) and Screen Yorkshire, the regional agency that supports film, television and interactive entertainment in Yorkshire. He is an Ambassador for BAFTA (Video Games); and a member of the Skillset Industry Council. Charles is a visiting lecturer for the University of York and the National Film and Television School. In 2011 Charles was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for services to the computer games industry.

Likes: Puns, Real ale, Fine food, Paris, Rowing, Football, Ambushing The Anonymous Revolution Employee with difficult questions about Astrophysics, The word 'delighted'.

Dislikes: The Priory of Sion.


Tony Warriner


Tony is one of the founders and the first employee of Revolution. He has over 30 years of experience in games development. He left school after his O-Levels and proceeded to teach himself how to code on the ZX-80. He wrote his first game entirely by himself, including graphics, tech and audio. Prior working at Revolution Tony worked as a coder at Artic Computing, who published his first game. Tony offered his seminal game Obsidian to Artic. Tony has worked on all of the Revolution games, and their porting to digital formats. He has a keen interest in (koi) fish, and is a regular marathon runner.

Likes: Puns, Running, Real ale, Dry humour,
Drumming his fingers by the microphone in a manner that simulates earthquakes during live streams.

Dislikes: Triona stealing his Yorkshire flat cap.


Noirin Carmody


Noirin Carmody founder and COO at Revolution Software is responsible for strategic business affairs. She negotiated the company’s buy-out from Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1998. She was instrumental in managing the shift from large in-house studio to core teams that include freelance specialists, and external work-for-hire companies, in anticipation of the emerging digital market.

Noirin began her career in Science and Technology policy and Planning. She joined London based US games publisher Activision in the '80s, where she launched the highly successful Sierra Online brand in Europe and later as General Manager was instrumental in the handover following the sale of the company.

Noirin is Executive Producer of Revolution’s games. She was voted one of the top UK 100 women in Games in 2013. Noirin is an elected board member of the UK Interactive Entertainment Games Association (UKie) and is a voting member of BAFTA. She has served on, and chairs Games Juries for the BAFTA Games Committee. Noirin is a Trustee at the York Museums Trust, and York Cultural Company. Noirin also sits on a number of advisory boards including York University, Creative England, and Yorkshire Television Society.

Likes: Walking, Fine food, Paris, champagne, New York, Photography, Travelling, Fine art, Guinness (secretly).

Dislikes: Real ale, awful puns, Monday mornings.


Kieron Casey

Community Manager

A recent addition to the Revolution team, Kieron took over community management in late 2014. His earliest gaming memories include waiting impatiently for cassettes to load and getting repeatedly stuck during Treasure Island Dizzy on the ZX Spectrum.

He enjoys the occasional glass of wine and would like nothing more than to share a bottle with the philosophical waiter from Broken Sword 5.

Likes: Tetris, Stewart Lee, Korean melodramas, shawl-necked knitwear.

Dislikes:  Inordinate use of caps lock, the current plight of Leeds United, queue jumpers.


Joost Peters

Chief Technology Officer

Joost joined Revolution in 2004 as an intern researching for his masters in computer games, and has remained in the company ever since. He is now the technical director for Broken Sword 5 and has been heavily involved in the planning and implementation of its features. His particular areas of interest are Linux and PC programming. He ported the previous Broken Sword games onto ScummVM, revitalising interest in that area. He is probably the number one fan of Beneath a Steel Sky!

Likes: Games, Linux, Almost any alcoholic beverage, Squashing bugs, Nice Dutch snacks, Playing Metal at deafening volume through his headphones, Windmills.

Dislikes: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Triona's forgetfulness, Afternoon tea.


Laurence Shaw

Community Support

Archaeologist and video game enthusiast Laurence has been a fan of Revolution since Beneath a Steel Sky, and was thrilled to get a chance to help during the testing of Broken Sword 5. Laurence now does a little bit of everything at Revolution, from internal Q&A, to the production of and dispatch of Kickstarter rewards and assisting in community management.

Likes: RPGs, Dystopian Fantasy, Roguelike games and Adventures, Anglo-Scandinavian Culture.

Dislikes: Glaring historical inaccuracies.

Tim Robins

Tim Robins

Graphic Design Artist

Tim Robins joined Revolution at the start of Broken Sword 5 as Charles formed his team to develop the game. He was enrolled to deal with the graphic design at first and then became a general trouble-shooter and technical handyman on the art direction side of the project. Tim has played roles in the Kickstarter, storyboards, user interface, puzzles and the website, as well as the digital and physical promotion of Revolution.

Likes: A good burger, Mecha, Berserk (Manga), World of Tanks.

Dislikes: Queues, Buses.

Broken_Sword_Nicole copy

Catherine Fox

Community Support

Catherine has worked for Revolution for many years now, faithfully answering your email queries and Facebook comments. She also works tirelessly representing Revolution on Steam, and other community forums.

Likes: Responding to angry people in a calm and considerate manner, Metaphors, Resolving complaints, A clear inbox.

Dislikes: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Marie Grace de Jesus

Community Support

Marie joined the team recently as a translator and part of the technical support team. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree “Human Rights and Humanitarian Action.”

Likes: Street art, travelling, minions, exotic food, knitting, dystopic novels, shopping, California (especially San Francisco), reunions.

Dislikes: chaos, injustice, bad weather.

George Nico